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Athletic Permit Form

  • Yes, my son/daughter has permission to practice and compete in the Michigan City High School Interscholastic sports program during fall, winter and/or spring. I understand that he/she must be passing at least five classes when a periodic eligibility check is done, and have passed at least five classes with a 1.5 GPA in the previous term to be allowed to compete. I assume responsibility in case of accident or injury, including responsibility for any insurance coverage.
  • I understand I must observe all school rules while on the bus and at competitions.
  • I give my permission for my child to travel to competitions on school authorized vehicles, and I authorize the coach to secure need medical treatment in case of an emergency in the event I cannot be reached.
  • I have read and I understand and agree to abide by the policies, rules and regulations set forth in the Michigan City High School Student-Athlete handbook.
  • Whenever student (listed above) is involved in a school activity or I am unavailable or otherwise unable to provide authorization directly, I grant to the Michigan City Area Schools' athletic staff the authority to act for me and to provide any required consents for the delivery of emergency medical examination, treatment and transportation, including surgical intervention, and do all other necessary things as I might or could do if I were present.
  • I have read and I understand and agree to abide by the policies, rules and regulations set fort in the IHSAA Concussion Policy, including the Return to Play Policy.
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